Long journeys feel shorter in the Alhambra. Maybe that’s because it’s as big on technology as it is on space. It’s packed with features to keep you comfortable, entertained and in control, from the SEAT Media System to front and rear parking sensors. All you have to do is find a song the whole family likes.

You can enjoy great performance and optimise your fuel consumption with the SEAT Start/Stop System. When the car is at a standstill, in neutral gear and the clutch is disengaged, the engine turns off. As soon as you engage the clutch, the engine restarts, smoothly and immediately. You won’t even notice it, but you’ll know it’s better for your wallet.

How would you like a car that parks itself? With the Alhambra, that’s practically what you get. The Park Assist and Optical Parking System detects a suitable space and then takes over the steering to neatly park the car while you control the pedals. Beautifully simple.

Optimum safety

We’ve included safety features that far exceed the industry average. Its passive safety measures, including up to seven airbags, provide great peace of mind, while its active safety systems work hard to make sure you’ll never need to use them in the first place.

The Alhambra's Lane Assist will help keep you and your family safe on the road by ensuring you stay in your lane. It uses the car’s video camera to analyse road markings. If it detects that you’re unintentionally straying out of your lane, it gently steers you back into it.

Trust the Alhambra to look out for you. The Tiredness Recognition System analyses steering wheel movements and driving performance. If it detects unusual behaviour, the system prompts to you to take a break. Then you can get back on the road feeling alert, awake and ready to continue your journey.​ At night, visibility is crucial. The AFS system on your Alhambra follows the movement of the steering wheel and directs the headlight beams according the angle of a turn or curve in the road. It means you get a wider field of vision and the best possible illumination - a safe asset, without a doubt.


An interior this good deserves a great entrance. The Alhambra has power-operated rear sliding doors, making it simple for passengers to hop in and out. Plus, the power-operated tailgate means you can open the boot space hands-free. As well as this, with Keyless Entry you'll no longer have to worry about taking your keys out of your pocket to unlock your car. Simply approach the vehicle and it will unlock depending on your proximity.​

‘Just right’ means different things to different people, especially when it comes to temperature. So we designed the Alhambra with a three-zone climate control system that allows different temperatures to be set around the car, to give everyone that ‘just right’ feeling.​ Full Link technology inside the Alhambra allows you to connect your smartphone to your car using Apple CarPlay TM, Android Auto TM or MirrorLink TM technologies, depending on your device. This helps to make using your smartphone in the car safer, easier and more enjoyable than ever.

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Powerful design 

The imposing size of the Alhambra doesn't mean that the exterior style or interior space has been compromised. Its dynamic design makes it one of those rare people carriers with a powerful, sporty presence. And once you step inside, the interior design lets you know you’re in a car that aims to please, no matter how many passengers or how long the journey.​ With the electric panoramic sunroof, don’t miss a minute of glorious weather. The electric panoramic sunroof is three times larger than a conventional sunroof, so everyone can enjoy the sunshine.