The Leon CUPRA offers a modern, stylish shape, with aerodynamic lines that make it a pleasure to look at. We believe what's on the outside is just as important as the inside. CUPRA means an exceptional driving experience, with increased power and a striking appearance, every moment behind the CUPRA becomes memorable. The design lines have been carefully sculpted to give the iconic CUPRA shape.

The dual pipes bring a confident daring touch to the rear of the Leon CUPRA. The exhaust pipes have been re-engineered to improve performance and consumption and give it the distinctive roar. The detailed grille adds style and attitude to the front of your Leon, featuring the signature CUPRA badge.


The interior of the Leon CUPRA has been ergonomically designed with the driver in mind, there's a range of high quality interior finishes to chose from to make your CUPRA perfect and up to 1470 litres of boot space. With eight different colours available, you can control the mood during your journeys. Whether you want to keep it cool, or really turn up the heat, they'll be a colour to suit you and how you're feeling. 

With its electric sunroof, chrome pedals, Aluminium door sills and much more, you can expect a powerful finish every time, even down to the smallest details. 

Let advanced technology such as the Full Link Smartphone Integration and the Digital Cockpit take the stress out of being on the go, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the drive. You can connect your smartphone to your car using Apple Car Play™, Android Auto™ or Mirror Link™ technologies, depending on your device, meaning you can make the most of all your music. 


When designing the Leon, it was loaded with state-of-the-art safety features to ensure maximum protection. Traffic Sign Recognition is synchronised with your front camera with sensors that can detect speed limits, overtaking restrictions and road works to warn you well in advance what’s coming up on the road ahead. The Pedestrian Protection senses if someone is crossing in front of the vehicle and alerts you before automatically applying the brakes.

Using sensors, the Electronic Stability Control system is designed to predict your car's movements. It monitors the progress speed of the wheels and direction of the car and takes over in case if they detect the car is starting to slip. With Emergency Assist you'll be confident that your LEON has your back. It acts when you’re not able to, automatically alerting you, controlling the car and applying the brakes and eventually bringing the car to a safe stop.

Tiredness Recognition System will alert you when it detects you need a rest, perfect for long drives. Finally, Lane Assist, The system will automatically correct your SEAT Leon CUPRA’s trajectory by steering it back into the correct lane in order to stay on track and will warn you if you accidentally drift into a different lane.