Performance meets style

The CUPRA Ateca is an SUV with the heart of a sports car, a rare combination of elegance, performance and style. It is a symbol of understated power and balanced control. Directly linked with CUPRA’s performance heritage, the CUPRA Ateca is a statement of authenticity and confidence. It’s designed to offer all the space and comfort of an SUV, yet with the calm certainty of its power to deliver. Dynamism combined with serenity. Wildness, fused with restraint. It’s more than a car. It’s a lifestyle.

More than just an engine 

A 2.0 TSI engine delivers 300PS, 400NM of torque, 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 153mph. This engine comes with a powerful sound, and is equipped with a newly developed 7-speed DSG gearbox for faster, smoother and more precise changes. In addition, the 4Drive traction system analyses road conditions in real time, including the speed of the car, speed of each wheel, the steering wheel position and the driving style or mode to quickly and progressively deliver power at each moment to the necessary wheels.

Advanced technology

One button. Six different drive modes: Comfort, Sport, Individual, Offroad, Snow and exclusive CUPRA mode. Unlimited driving pleasure like no other. It has a 10.2” LCD screen in your line of vision with everything you need to find your way, from average speed to navigation. The exclusive CUPRA view allows you configure the system to meet your every need. It has a top view camera, with cameras on the front, rear and exterior for an advanced 360 view of your vehicle, making sure you don't miss anything. It has 12 sensors that steer your CUPRA into the tightest of parking spaces, Park Assist we like to get things right first time.


Discover the New 2020 CUPRA now.

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