CUPRA shows its all-electric Tavascan Concept: A vision of reinvented sportiness

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CUPRA goes even bigger with a large SUV Coupe, the concept marries the presence of an SUV with the sleekness of a sports coupe, showing the potential evolution of the CUPRA design. It has a dynamic exterior, a sophisticated interior and advanced state-of-the-art technology throughout. The concept will be powered by two electric motors, with a total output of 225kW (306PS). 

As we shift away from the conventional and enter a world powered by electrification, CUPRA focuses on refining elements like performance. The Tavascan Concept follows on from the CUPRA Formentor earlier this year, going one step further into its vision of electrified vehicles. Bringing together the silhouette of a four-door crossover, with the presence of an SUV and the sleekness of a sporty coupe, the CUPRA Tavascan Concept is the first road CUPRA to use a 100% electric powertrain, its proportions accentuated and emboldened by its electric heart, thus offering zero tailpipe emissions.​ It takes its name from a village located in the Pyrenees which is very unique due to its stunning landscape and surrounding nature. 

“Besides the CUPRA Formentor, which will be launched in 2020 alongside two other high-performance plug-in hybrid models, we have already proved our technological capabilities by developing the world’s first 100% electric touring car, the CUPRA e-Racer. With the presentation of the all-electric CUPRA Tavascan concept, we are translating this vision into the streets and proving that performance can be electrified”, said CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths.

The vehicle’s exterior mixes performance and efficiency, bringing muscularity and dynamism to the segment, tempered against the ability to reduce its environmental impact. The vehicle’s front design emphasises its electric personality with an illuminated CUPRA logo that sits low, providing a totally different focal point. Each vent delivers efficiency increases, allowing air to flow smoothly over the body, or internally to cool the battery pack. Airflow is a critical component of the CUPRA Concept. Its muscular wheel arches house 22” turbine alloy wheels, focused on shifting air cleanly, allowing the coupe SUV to glide, minimising resistance.

At the rear the diffuser provides functional aerodynamics, but also creates an emotional feeling of performance, heightened by the elegant, coast-to-coast rear light, that spans the width of the vehicle, and incorporates the CUPRA logo.

The CUPRA Tavascan Electric Concept marries sophisticated liquid metal paint that emphasises and accentuates its exterior design, with tone-on-tone carbon fibre and delicate copper details stress its expressive look.​

The interior mixes materials and technological concepts with openness and focus to create a cabin that provides the perfect balance between driver orientation and passenger comfort. It has contrasting colours, structural carbon and dynamic approaches to technology. The sculptural 3D leather relief bucket seats offer form and function, comfort and security, while the wing dashboard floats across the front of the interior, providing both focus, and a sense of space. Behind the steering wheel, the driver is at the forefront, with a 12.3” digital instrument cluster providing all the information they need, supplemented by a 13” infotainment display.

The larger screen can shift its focus, moving towards the passenger when needed, while integrated into each of the vehicle’s bucket seats; speakers and smartphone connectivity mean that all occupants can take advantage of the vehicle’s interior space.

Performance Capacity

The CUPRA Tavascan Concept provides a unique vision of the brand’s high-performance future, harnessing the power of electrification to provide a level of sophistication and emotion not yet seen. The four-door crossover coupe, marries the presence of an SUV with the sleekness of sporty coupe, but critically its aesthetics are matched by ability. The vehicle’s arresting exterior design conceals an advanced all-electric powertrain that provides the thrill every driver desires, with the celebrated quietness and efficiency the technology offers.

Two motors – one integrated on the front axle, the second at the rear – provide a combined 225kW (306PS) of power to all four wheels, delivering performance. The CUPRA Tavascan Electric Concept can reach 100km/h in less than 6.5 seconds.

It will make its world debut at this year’s IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show.