CUPRA pairs with the World Padel Tour

CUPRA will be the premium sponsor of all official World Padel Tour competitions until 2021

CUPRA will have a special partnership with the WPT until 2021 and will be present at ​six international padel tournaments in 2019. 

London Exhibition (3-4 July), Portugal Padel Master (14-22 September), Brussels Exhibition (27-29 September), Paris Challenger (30 September-6 October), London Padel Master (14-20 October) and Mexico Padel Open (25 November-1 December).

With this move, the sporty, competitive spirit that CUPRA transmits inside and outside the circuit is now transferred onto the padel court with a plan to promote the international expansion of the immensely popular raquet sport.​ 

"CUPRA and the World Padel Tour are two budding success stories that have conquered car and sport lovers since their inception. We both want to help padel in its international expansion, and playing on the same side is the best formula to ensure victory", says SEAT president and chairman of the Board of Directors of CUPRA Luca de Meo.

Furthermore, World Padel Tour CEO José Luis Serrano welcomes CUPRA’s arrival to the circuit: "Nowadays, for a competition to be important, it must associate with equally relevant companies. At WPT we believe that our alliance with CUPRA is strategic; we have closely followed the brand’s evolution and progression in Spain and internationally, and we believe it has a spectacular future that we would like to be a part of for many years."

Last May, CUPRA broke into this racquet sport by assembling a unique team of ambassadors with Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima, Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez.

The four players have sported the CUPRA logo on the court in all WPT tournaments since the beginning of the 2019 season. The new members of the CUPRA tribe are among the ten best players in the world and have conquered this sport since their arrival at the circuit.

Padel has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years. In addition to becoming the second most widely practiced sport in Spain with more than five million players, it is also the fastest growing sport in Europe and the installation of new facilities is seeing triple-digit growth.

With CUPRA now making inroads in padel, players can experience the challenge of creating their own path anywhere in the world.

The CUPRA Ateca was the first model launched by CUPRA, and it is also the four players’ best ally for achieving their goals outside the padel court. It is equipped with a two-litre petrol powered TSI engine featuring four cylinders, direct injection and turbocharger, which delivers 300 hp and 400 Nm of maximum torque. Coupled with a seven-speed DSG gearbox and 4Drive all-wheel drive, the CUPRA Ateca was developed by car lovers for car lovers who enjoy a sophisticated, personal, sporty and refined lifestyle.