Five SEAT concept cars that shaped the future

Concept cars are generally described as design exercises that help with future street models. They are a perfect opportunity for designers to let their imagination run free and sketch the silhouettes of cars to come. There is some truth to this, as concept cars do show what future street models will look like. SEAT's historic concept cars have paved the way in the areas of electric and connected vehicles and the rise of SEAT's SUV family. The following five SEAT creations are evidence of this.

1992 electric SEAT Toledo: The Olympian

Equipped with batteries weighing 500 kilos and featuring a range of 65 kilometres, this prototype guided the Olympic flame torch relay at the Barcelona Olympic Games, proving that other propulsion systems were possible.

1998 SEAT Bolero: Then there was light

It points to the lighting of future cars with independent lights behind a polycarbonate cover.

2007 TRIBU: Paving the way to SUVs

This model features the first clear indications of building an SUV in the future.​

2010 IBE: Current design

A turning point in the brand's design with a clear commitment to electrifying mobility.

2015 20v20: Connectivity

Its Personal Drive, a touch device for mobile navigation and remote climate control, was a futuristic approach to connectivity.