We are delighted to announce that Sytner's VWG Division are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week during May 2020.

‘No act of kindness is ever wasted’


Between 18-24th May the Mental Health Foundation have adopted a ‘Kindness’ theme following the Coronavirus outbreak. we will be asking all of our colleagues across the division to get involved, which include three different initiatives:

Sort for Sytner

"Dig & Donate" shoes/food/clothes/books, anything you no longer need to charity, food banks, the homeless, care homes or any other facility that may be in need.We appreciate that charity shops are currently closed however we are asking colleagues to bag up charity items ready for donation when they re-open.

Sweat for Sytner

We know that exercise plays an important role in an individuals mental health. We are therefore asking our teams to get involved in 5 challenges, one for each working day during Mental Health Awareness Week.

  • Monday - Hit the road and complete a 5k run, walk, cycle
  • Tuesday - Plank challenge, who can hold their form the longest?
  • Wednesday - Burpee challenge, how many can you complete in 60 seconds?
  • Thursday - Toilet roll challenge, putting your skills to the test in this 60 second challenge, how many keepy uppies can you manage?
  • Friday - The TikTok challenge, the most creative wins!

Kindness Video link

Our very own ‘Kindness Quotes’ video montage

Our management team has recorded a ‘Kindness Quotes’ video in support of the 2020 ‘Kindness’ theme being embraced by Mental Health England. Which is your favourite?

Get involved

All of the above initiatives are linked to raising awareness and fundraising for Mind.org. Want to get involved? We will be posting our progress across our social media pages, why not tag us with your images, join in the fun, mirror our challenges with friends and family, after all, the Sytner moto is "One Team".

Our target

We are aiming to raise £1,000 during the course of the week and our teams will be donating as the challenges are completed via our JustGiving page. Of course any additional acts of kindness in the form of donations of any size would be gratefully received.

Please join us this Mental Health Awareness Week and make kindness matter.

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