SEAT reveals new cutting-edge mobile technologies

Innovations include a digital key others can use and an app to find and pay for off-street parking

SEAT is revealing its latest visions for in-car connectivity at this week’s Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, where it is demonstrating its latest technological developments to the mobile and digital trade. Its innovations include an app that lets you reserve a parking space – and pay for it – without leaving your car, a digital key which can be duplicated for anyone else you like, and an app that brings yet more innovative features including the ability to connect to home appliances.

The new mobile technologies are the result of collaboration between existing partners SEAT and Samsung with the German software giant SAP.

SEAT Connect app could make parking easier than ever

The app will direct the driver to the parking space and automatically raise the access gate at secure car parks.

When the car exits, the app will securely pay the parking fee from within the car, using the Samsung Pay system.

Digital key sharing

Another SEAT innovation this year is use of a digital key that gives another person use of the car without the need for a physical key, by making a virtual copy of the key onto their smartphone or other mobile device. 

A time limit can be set on the duplicate, so that it no longer works after a given period, and there is also a plan for it to allow special settings on the car’s functions. These might include setting a maximum speed (ideal for teenage drivers) or specifying the driving mode to maximise efficiency.


This includes features such as remote control for connected home appliances, the ability to replicate car dashboard alerts to show SEAT service staff, and driver behaviour monitoring that can give pointers for achieving better performance and economy.