Team VWG "dig deep" in support of mental health​

Muddy Fork are a charitable organisation based in Nottinghamshire, helping people improve their well-being and mental health through volunteer conservation and wildlife gardening therapy.

During recent months, the existing footpath’s have become very uneven and overgrown, making it inaccessible for wheelchair users.

The Sytner VWG team, consisting of 20 divisional volunteers, rallied to the rescue. Our task, was to supply the manpower necessary to create a sustainable walkway and ease of access to all areas within the garden in just one day!

Our HR team prepared the ground prior to our visit, digging out the initial route, all 110 square metres of it. During our day of "Giving Back" we levelled the ground, laid weed suppressant and paving grids before filling with soil the team relentlessly dug out from a nearby embankment.

Thankfully, no blood was split, there was however plenty of sweat and even a glint of a tear once we had completed the task in hand!

The Muddy Fork team were delighted to announce to their visitors, that gone are the muddy puddles, the tussocky clumps and ruts, as the garden is once again accessible for all users, particularly for those with mobility challenges.

For more information please visit the Muddy Fork website at