Servicing & Maintenance plans make ŠKODA ownership even more affordable. With a ŠKODA North Wales Service Plan, keeping your ŠKODA in optimum condition has never been easy to manage. Choose from a range of plans, designed to keep your car running beautifully. And our fixed prices keep it simple. Our maintenance plans can help you ensure that your ŠKODA is properly serviced and safe to drive. They also provide you with a full service history from a ŠKODA retailer, which will help keep its value up for when you come to sell or part-exchange it.

Fixed-cost maintenance plans - The simple, affordable way of looking after your ŠKODA

ŠKODA Finance offers you a choice of three fixed-cost maintenance plans to help you budget for keeping your car in tip-top condition. Your plan can be tailored around the number of miles you drive each year so you only pay for what you need. In fact, you can base it on anything from 5,000 to 40,000 miles per year, up to a total of 120,000 miles.

There are three plans to choose from:

Service only Service and
Service, Maintenance
and Tyres
All routine servicing appropriate to the vehicle as determined by the manufacturer Included Included Included
All engine oil required with services schedule Included Included Included
Brake-fluid change when appropriate, as determined by the manufacturer Included Included Included
All oils and fluids required within the services schedule - Included Included
Brake repairs (inc callipers, cylinders, discs and pads) - Included Included
Cooling system repairs (inc coolant, heater components, hoses, radiator, reservoir, sender units, thermostat, water pumps) - Included Included
Electrical system (inc alternator, battery, bulbs, central locking, ECU, fuses, instruments, standard alarm, standard immobiliser,
starter motor, window regulator, wiper motor, wiring)
- Included Included
Engine repairs (inc cambelt and tensioner - as per manufacturer schedule/specification, catalyst - excludes catalytic fluids and DPF filters,
drive belts, exhaust, fuel pump, gasket, injectors, oil pump, seals, turbo)
- Included Included
Suspension repairs (including anti-roll bar, bushes, shock absorbers, springs, wishbones) - Included Included
Transmission repairs (including clutch CV joints, flywheel, gaiters, gearbox, differential, torque converter, wheel bearings, fluid renewals) - Included Included
Miscellaneous items (including adjustments, key batteries, MOT, wiper blades/refills and air-conditioning service (max. one per contract) - Included Included
Roadside assistance cover for the full period of the Fixed Cost Maintenance contract - Included Included
Replacement tyres
- - Included
Tyres changes are one of more than 900 approved fitters across the UK - - Included
Valves - - Included
Wheel alignment and geometry check (where necessary due to fair wear and tear) - - Included
Wheel balance - - Included
Repairable punctures - - Included

To make it even more convinient, you can buy fixed-cost maintenance by direct debit, purchase the entire plan with a one off payment or add it to your existing finance agreement.