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Designed with your free time in mind, so you can reconnect with the things that are important: family, nature and yourself. It's our ultimate large car, with enough space for the whole family and everything you need. The impressive infotainment system and comfort enhancing features will keep your passengers entertained and refreshed even on the longest journeys.


The KODIAQ isn't just a car built to take on the toughest terrains with ease. It's tornado lines, precise edges and crystalline influences add to its distinguished style. ​The adaptive system adjusts light intensity to match the conditions, providing a wider lighting field for city driving and a longer reach for motorways. When oncoming traffic is detected, it automatically adjusts to prevent dazzling others.  


With many clever features designed to make your life just a little easier, the only thing not packed into the KODIAQ's stylish interior are your passengers. With Tri-zone climate control the car is able to enable different temperatures for the driver, co-driver and rear passengers. It is fitted with a sun sensor and humidity sensor to reduce windscreen misting. The infotainment system enables different drivers to save their individual preferences, from seat positioning and driving mode to the choice of music on the radio.

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