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e-smart the market leader for the third time in a row: Hat trick for the silent hero

Stuttgart. Statistics are boring? Not for smart, because when it comes to new registrations of electric cars in Germany the same name takes first place every year: smart fortwo electric drive. This is a hat trick for the battery-electric two-seater – for the third time in a row it has beaten all competitors with all-electric drive (without range extender). In 2014 there were 1665 new registrations. And with more than 4700 new registrations since the first generation in 2007 according to figures from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Registration Agency, the e-smart is Germany's most successful electric car by far. It is also very popular among Daimler AG employees who have covered more than 1.5 million zero-emission kilometres to date within the framework of the electric mobility project "charge@work".

2012 saw the launch of the third-generation smart fortwo electric drive and since then it has been convincing customers in cities around the world. It is now available in 19 countries, with Norway as the most recent new market. But why is the e-smart so successful? One thing is clear: no other electric car is so well proven. And as an e-version the agile two-seater really shows off its typical strengths in an urban environment.

0 emissions – 100 percent driving fun

Of course, electric cars are really green when they are powered by green electricity. Since 2012 Daimler has been setting an example with a pilot project: the company's own wind turbine supplies renewably generated electricity. This investment ensures that all smart fortwo electric drives in the current generation drive on German roads with zero emissions. In addition to environmental compatibility, the e-smart scores points with driving pleasure as well. It sprints from 0 to 60 km/h in 4.8 seconds, with maximum output of 55 kW and torque of 130 Nm ensuring a powerful start at traffic lights. And its range of 145 kilometres will take it far beyond the city limits when needed. For example, the smart fortwo electric drive can cover the distance from Ulm to Stuttgart – where it can be charged quickly and easily for the return journey.