Service Plan Inclusions | Commercial Vehicles

Service Plans - What's included?​

Keeping maintenance costs under control is paramount. That’s why North Wales Commercial Vehicles offers a range of maintenance & servicing options to help you reduce costs. For full details of what is included, please see below. 

Pay upfront and on demand​

As a part of your interim service, ​we'll make sure to check;

  • Horn
  • Wipers, washers and fluid level
  • Coolant level and anti-freeze strength
  • Power-assisted steering wheel
  • Tyre condition, wear pattern and tread depths
  • Tyre pressures (correcting if necessary)
  • Drive shafts
  • Lights
  • Condition of front and rear lamps
  • Condition of visible drive belts
  • Saturation indicator on air filter (if fitted)
  • Steering and suspension for wear and leaks
  • Condition of exhaust system
  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Instruments
  • Battery 'magic eye'
  • Brake fluid level
  • Break system for leaks and damage
  • Thickness of front and rear brake pads/linings
  • Reset the service interval delay

As a part of your full service, we'll make sure to check;

  • Horn​
  • Wipers, washers and top-up fluid level
  • Tyre condition and tread depths
  • Tyre pressures (correcting if necessary)
  • Expiry date on breakdown set
  • Gearbox, final drive and rear axle for leaks and damage
  • Break system for leaks and damage
  • Under body sealant and panels for damage
  • Steering joints and boot for wear and damage
  • Power-assisted steering oil level
  • Battery
  • Drive shaft
  • Lights
  • Airbags for visible damage
  • Tipper system and oil change if necessary
  • Engine and engine compartment for leaks
  • Manual gearbox oil level
  • Thickness of front and rear brake pads/linings
  • Supplementary rubber rings
  • Coolant levels and anti-freeze strength
  • Brake fluid level and condition
  • Idle speed
  • Instruments​
  • Sunroof
  • Paint and bodywork for damage and corrosion
  • Condition of visible drive belts
  • Final drive oil level
  • ABS sensor and cables
  • Condition of exhaust system
  • Condition of camshaft drive toothed belt
  • ATF level (automatic)
  • Adjustment of headlights

and we'll also: ​

  • Run a vehicle systems test and read fault memories
  • Change the engine oil and filter
  • Renew the air filter
  • Perform engine basic settings
  • Grease the front door check strap and hinges​
  • Change the gearbox oil if necessary
  • Renew the pollen filter
  • Perform a road test
  • Grease the tailor coupling
  • Change rear axle oil if necessary
  • Renew the fuel filter

Pay monthly

Service only Service and
Service, Maintenance
and Tyres
All routine servicing appropriate to your vehicle as determined by the vehicle manufacturer Yes Yes Yes
Engine oils and fluids only Yes Yes Yes
Brake fluid change when appropriate, as determined by the vehicle manufacturer Yes Yes Yes
Brake repairs (inc. callipers, cylinders,discs and pads) X Yes Yes
Cooling system repairs (inc. coolant, heater components, hoses, radiator, reservoir,
sender units, thermostat and water pumps)
X Yes Yes
Electrical system (inc. alternator, battery, bulbs, central locking, ECU, fuses, instruments,
standard alarm, standard immobiliser, start motor, window regulator, wiper motor, wiring)
X Yes Yes
Engine repairs (inc. cambelt and tensioner - if required according to manufacturer schedule,
catalyst, drive belts, exhaust, fuel pump, gaskets, injectors, oil pump, seals, turbo)
X Yes Yes
Suspension repairs (inc. anti-roll bar, bushes, shock absorbers, springs wishbones) X Yes Yes
Transmission repairs (inc. clutch CV joints, flywheel, gaiters, gearbox, differential, driveshafts,
torque converter, wheel bearings, fluid renewals)
X Yes Yes
Miscellaneous items (inc. adjustments, key batteries, MOT, wiper blades/refills,
air-conditioning service - maximum one per contract)
X Yes Yes
Roadside Assistance cover for full period of the fixed-cost maintenance contract X Yes Yes
Replacement tyres (where necessary due to fair wear and tear) and tyre valves X X Yes
Tyres changes at one of more than 800 approved outlets across the UK X X Yes
Wheel alignment and geometry check (where necessary due to fair wear and tear) X X Yes
Wheel balance X X Yes
Repairable punctures X X Yes

Pay monthly exclusions;

Service only plan

  • ​Maintenance
  • MOT
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cambelts and drive belts
  • Tyre replacement or puncture repair
  • Oil and fluid top-ups between service

Service and Maintenance plan

  • ​Any repairs not deemed fair wear and tear
  • In-car entertainment
    (inc. audi, communications and navigation system)
  • Internal and external trim and bodywork
  • Tyre replacement or puncture repair
  • Oil and fluid top-ups between services
  • Any maintenance or repairs to diesel particulate filters and any other form of catalytic reduction system

Service, Maintenance and Tyres plan

  • ​Misue or vandalism
  • Wheel alignment as a result of damage or negligence
  • Accidental damage and irreparable upgrades
  • Replacement of non-standard tyres and upgrades
  • Tyre sealant, repair equipment and tyres that have been repairs using sealant or additives