Contract Purchase

This option is ideal for the business user who wishes to change their car between 24 and 48 months and wants the security of a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value.

How does it work?

  • Choose the car (new or used) you like
  • Choose the most suitable repayment period
  • Agree on your annual mileage
  • You are given a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value which becomes your optional final payment
  • You decide on the deposit and payments suitable for your budget
  • At the end there are three choices for you; part exchange your vehicle for another car, keep the car and pay the final payment or hand it back and have nothing further to pay

What are the benefits?

  • Having a final payment reduces initial outlay and keeps the monthly payments lower, helping the cash flow of your business
  • Fixed monthly payments make budgeting easier
  • The interest you pay is tax deductible
  • Because the car is an asset on your balance sheet, you can write down a proportion of its value against your business profits
  • Flexibility at the end of the agreement to have an option that suits you