Nomination Benefits

Why choose the Sytner Group?

Sytner Group are dedicated to offering the best possible service for its clients and maintaining strong relationships with our manufacturers and leasing partners. With this in mind, we are committed to offering a number of services to enhance the vehicle supply and driver experiences when vehicles are purchased via a leasing provider.

Please find below a list of features and the benefits to your business or drivers.

Key Account Manager Dedicated one point of contact for all your vehicle / fleet requirements with access to all information and departmental contacts across all manufacturer brands
Suppliers to FN50 Leasing companies Sytner Group supply over 20,000 vehicles per annum to the top leasing companies in the UK
Dedicated Corporate Hub Central ordering for all major brands and distribution within the Sytner Group
Bespoke SLA We can set up dealer / client KPI's as per your corporate requirements
Client Reviews Weekly monthly or quarterly reviews carried out against KPI's and manufacturer SLA's
Demonstration Fleet We have a complete demonstration fleet available
Ride and Drive Events Tailored events based on single or multiple manufacturers
Stock Search / availability Shorter lead times
Driver Vehicle "Spec check" Our team will check the vehicle model and spec ordered by the leasing company directly with the driver to eliminate any miss-builds and wrong specifications
Delivery Arranged Directly We contact the driver to get a mutually agreeable date / time
Weekend Deliveries Deliveries can be accommodated on Saturday and Sunday by prior arrangement
Professional Vehicle Handover Manufacturer / brand trained personnel to give your drivers the best possible experience
UK Mainland Delivery England, Scotland and Wales mainland