Volkswagen Frequently asked questions​

Volkswagen Car-Net Apps & Services ​

App Connect – three innovative technologies that allow you to bring smartphone apps onto your infotainment system’s touchscreen: the established MirrorLink™ apps, the new CarPlay™ function from Apple, and the Android Auto™ function from Google. As such, Volkswagen is the first manufacturer to offer a choice of three interfaces to connect up smartphones.

The Car-Net App Connect services can be used in conjunction with the following infotainment systems:

  • Composition Media
  • Discover Navigation
  • Discover Navigation Pro

Park Assist

When you want to parallel park your car you simply press the Park Assist button and use the indicator before your car passes the parking space. Ultrasonic sensors in the front bumpers of the car will scan the space to see whether it is big enough.

You then stop the car, select reverse gear and let go of the steering wheel. Park Assist shows you its intended reverse path on your multifunctional display, then puts the car into the best starting position and steers automatically into the space. Even though you don't have to steer, you're always in control of your car, working the accelerator or brake and the clutch. You are able to deactivate the system immediately by taking over the steering or by braking to a standstill.

Park assist enables you to park in even smaller spaces. We've developed an enhancement to Park Assist that can help park your car when you want to reverse into even smaller spaces, in one or more moves. This semi-automatic system leaves you to assess the suitability of the parking space yourself, while you operate the accelerator and brake. Park assist can be deactivated immediately and you are in control of the car at all times.

Electronic Parking Brake

using the electronic parking brake is simple, just pull and hold the button and your car is securely parked and an indicator light reassures you that the brake is on. When you're ready to drive off again just depress the brake pedal, push the button to release the parking brake and drive away.

The conventional handbrake is no longer needed which allows for more storage space in-between the two front seats.

The electronic parking brake is operated by means of two geared electric motors on the rear disc brakes which when engaged will hold your car securely parked. The indicator lights show when the parking brake is on.

Cruise control

Our cruise control system works electronically to help regulate your car's speed. It reduces the stress on drivers and offers you more comfort on long journeys by keeping a constant speed. It is particularly useful when you have to stay within speed limits for a long way, it cuts the risk of your speed creeping up by accident.

The system works by memorising and maintaining the speed you select. It's very flexible, too. You can increase or reduce speed manually - to a defined value - and you also have the option of returning to the speed most recently memorised.

The cruise control system can be turned off simply by pressing a button or by pressing the brake or clutch pedals.

Navigation System

Our range of navigation systems will help you find your way quickly and easily while also letting you listen to your choice of music en route. With clear colour screens and touch-screen operation, they are simple to use and easy to follow. Some systems are voice controlled and you can even choose to watch films on the DVD drive once your car is stationary.

Our Discover Navigation and Discover Navigation Pro systems also allow you to connect to the internet via your smartphone’s WIFI hotspot to access up to the minute traffic information, fuel price information as well as many other services.

Ad blue

If you are a customer who has purchased AdBlue you will receive an email 60 days after purchase explaining what AdBlue is and why it's important for the smooth running of their car. The email will include a video showing how AdBlue is refilled. A second email will be sent five months after purchase, encouraging the buyer to top-up at your Retailer.

A series of warnings will be given via the driver information system, accompanied by advice/messages. The first message is displayed when the remaining range is approximately 1,500 miles, and is repeated every 62 miles until the range reaches 1,000 miles, at which point the warning turns amber. This warning is repeated every 31 miles and is accompanied by an audible tone. If these warnings are not acted upon, the warning turns red; once this happens the car will not restart once the ignition is turned off.