The ID. Buzz

At home anywhere

This electric van brings Volkswagen’s iconic camper van into the new era so that you can find new adventures, no matter where you are. Because the ID. Buzz is a concept vehicle you'll still have to wait a while before you see it on the market. The ID. Buzz is brimming with big ideas. A van, a mobile living space, or a creative hub - it can be almost anything you want it to be. One of the big ideas in the ID. Buzz is the variable space concept. This innovative interior design opens up new space for you and your family. Thanks to the AR head-up display, finding even the most remote spot is much easier. Enjoy the freedom to discover the great outdoors and sleep under the stars; head to the coast to feel the sand between your toes; or simply visit an old stomping ground. When the ID. Buzz welcomes you with your personalised greeting, it’s an invitation to explore.

Instead of typical round headlights, the ID. Buzz comes with intelligent LED ‘eyes’ that communicate with drivers and pedestrians. For instance, if you’re about to turn a corner, the headlights will point in the direction you’re heading. If the ID. Buzz notices any pedestrians or cyclists on the edge of the road, it can even look towards them and use subtle light signals to let them know you’re there.

The ID. Crozz

Ready when you are

This cutting edge crossover combines the strength of an SUV with the elegance of a coupé. Equally at home in the countryside or the city streets, it opens up a world of possibilities. It allows you to spend more time on the things that matter most. It’s generous range ensures almost no destination is out of reach, so you can venture off on a road-trip and leave any battery worries behind. The spacious interior is designed to make you feel at home and can be configured to fit in anything from a bike to your holiday luggage.

With the ID. Crozz it’s up to you. With one touch of the steering wheel or a vocal command via Bluetooth the ID. Pilot takes control. Once activated, autonomous mode even retracts the steering wheel to give you more space to unwind. It may still be in development, but once it’s arrived it’s sure to be a hit with you and all your passengers.

The ID. 3
Revolution instead of evolution

The ID.3 heralds in the new era of electric mobility. Feel the electrifying performance. Experience ground-breaking design combined with practical ranges. And all this at an attractive price. The future is ready. From the very first glance, the sporty design of the new gloss-machined 18-inch alloy wheels promises an entirely new driving experience. The high-performance electric motors keep this promise – providing constant, dynamic acceleration and driving performance that will take your breath away.

With an electric vehicle, you no longer need to drive to a filling station to refuel. Instead, you can recharge your battery almost everywhere: at home via a plug socket or the optional wall box and at public charging stations or quick charging stations.

The ID.3 is like a good friend that helps you with your day-to-day life. The lighting concept is more interactive than anything you’ve ever seen before in a car. It greets you, can help with the navigation and tells you to press the brakes when danger is detected. It can even warn you of any road users approaching as you get out of the car. It represents a revolutionary, electrifying driving experience: full torque from a standstill, consistently dynamic acceleration and performance designed to make anyone’s heart race. All you need to do to experience this feeling is get in and drive it.

Volkswagen unveil ID.3

The ID. Vizzion

Take centre stage

True to its name, the ID. Vizzion demonstrates our vision of the future. The progressive design and intelligent interior concept offer total comfort, while the electric motors on the front and rear axles deliver peak performance. With the powerful lithium-ion battery built into the car’s underbody, you will be able to travel up to 665 kilometres.

As you approach, the facial recognition system sees you and opens the doors. At the same time, the LED light strips around the car greet you by gently pulsing. The generous space within allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. And for privacy, the side windows and panoramic glass roof can be tinted.

In the future, we don’t see the need for steering wheels. All of the ID. Vizzion’s controls are virtual and projected into the interior using augmented reality. To see the controls, you’ll need to put on a pair of mixed reality glasses. Interacting with the car is intuitive and simple, it even recognises your personal commands and voice as it learns more about you over time. Soon this technology will be science, not fiction.