Volkswagen Announce new Diesel engine and 10-speed DSG Gearbox

The Volkswagen group have always been a major contributor in the world of powertrain innovation; their incredibly diverse range of manufacturers allowing for hypercar technology to be shared easily with their other brands and vice versa. In a round-up of 2014, Volkswagen have announced a long list of innovative projects and developments; perhaps the most notable being a new performance diesel engine and ten-speed DSG.

The Volkswagen group are no strangers to powerful diesel engines; it's a familiarity that has led us to the likes of the Volkswagen Toureg V10 TDI – a car that produced 309bhp and 553lb-ft of torque. The problem with Volkswagen's previous powerful diesel engines was that increased power could only be found through increased displacement; that's where VW's latest innovation comes in.

This new diesel engine, which has been introduced with the latest Passat, boasts the highest specific output of any four-cylinder diesel on the market today, with the potential to be even more powerful.

Sat in the new Volkswagen Passat R, the 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel currently creates 236bhp and 369lb-ft of torque, Volkswagen say that this could see a power increase of up to as much as 268bhp.

Whilst discussing the new innovations, Volkswagen also introduced a new ten-speed DSG gearbox. Previous DSG offerings from the company have always been six and seven-speed despite many other companies offering gearboxes with more gears.

Volkswagen were the first company to introduce a DSG gearbox to a production vehicle in 2006; the new ten-speed variant will once again see them at the forefront of DSG technology. There are currently no offerings from VW on when the gearbox will be introduced to the range but they have been quoted to say that the box has been developed to handle up to 405lb-ft of torque.