Meet Sedric! Volkswagens first autonomously driven concept car

The Volkswagen Groups first autonomously driven concept car was premiered at the Shanghai Motor show Earlier this month. Sedric is the first car the Volkswagen group have created with level five autonomous driving – in other words, a human driver is no longer required.

The new concept car will include OneButton. Volkswagen OneButton acts as a link between Sedric and the user, and will create a completely new mobility experience. The control element is made up of a button to press and an alert which indicates Sedric's arrival time. A vibration signal guides a person with impaired vision to the car. The goals of Sedric are to be very simply and easy to use. It can recognize when its user arrives and opens the two-part doors, Sedric is very spacious and has enough room for bags and suitcases.

Users can talk to Sedric like they would a personal assistant, asking about the destination, the driving time, current traffic or even ask to stop for a break along the way. The windscreen is a big OLED screen with augmented reality and serves as a communication and entertainment centre.

Sedric is designed for moving around in cities, the suburbs and in the countryside. It conveys a robust character of safety and reliability within its muscular flanks and stable roof pillars. The two-part swing door extends up into the roof. The car is purely electric with a battery pack laid flat between the axles, and the compact electric motor is located at the level of the wheels.