After months of waiting......Matt finally leaps into action

Skydiving in aid of Grace's appeal

The purpose of this event was to raise as much money as possible for the family of little Grace. Grace was born with a congenital heart defect and during the initial 18 months of life, received surgery to repair her damaged organ.

Whilst Grace seemed to be recovering well, the family received further devastating news, that Grace had at some point suffered a stroke, resulting in her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

Matt decided to take on this challenge having learned that now aged 4, Grace struggles to do most things we take for granted. As well as the pain, she has to endure endless appointments, physiotherapy and injections. She wears splints on each leg, both day and night, and becomes exhausted with walking short distances.

Whilst there is an operation available which could dramatically improve Grace's condition, the treatment is not available in the UK. Therefore Grace's parents are on a mission to raise enough funding to take Grace to the United States for the procedure in the hope that she may have a brighter future and gain the independence she desperately craves.

The family are hoping to raise £60.000 in total. So Matt decided to take a leap of faith, out of an airplane at around 14,000 feet!

His skydive finally took place last weekend after months of waiting due to unpredictable weather and said "The experience was just incredible".

Matt has raised over £750 so far but if you would like to support Matt and Grace, please click on the link below to access Matt's "Just Giving" page.

"Good luck Matt" from all of the Sytner VW Team! Donate Here