Stafford Volkswagen climb Snowdon

Riaisng £600 for St Katherine's Hospice

On Sunday 3rd September several members of the team from Stafford Volkswagen climbed Mount Snowdon in North Wales in order to raise money for their chosen charity St Katherine's Hospice.

Katharine House provides free hospice care services in Mid Staffordshire for people faced with an illness that cannot be cured. There aim is to enable our patients and those close to them to live as fully as possible and make the most of the time that's left. Stafford Volkswagen will be supporting this charity through 2017.

David Mobberley stated " it was a great challenge and we all really enjoyed it, it was great to work together as a team". The team who took part in the climb in the 50mph wind and rain included David Mobberley, Matt, Sam Boffy, Adam Smith, Louise Polak and her partner Lewis.

Stafford Volkswagen raised £600 for St Katherine's Hospice climbing Snowdon, which adds to the £200 raised completing a 22 mile bike ride over the summer, £250 at the BBQ fun day, £50 from the managers being paint balled and £150 at various cake days and raffles. This gives Stafford a running total of £1,250!

A huge well done to everybody who took part, If anyone would like to support St Katherine’s then please click on the “just giving” link below.

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