Volkswagen's T-Prime Concept GTE Revealed

Premium class SUV is also a plug-in hybrid

Volkswagen has revealed the T-Prime Concept GTE, a cutting-edge premium class SUV, at the Beijing motor show this week.

A plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive, as well as zero emissions on any terrain, signaling a new era in motoring.

The concept combines the best aspects of the automotive world: the comfort of a saloon; the space of an estate; superior traction to all other types of car; state-of-the-art chassis technology; sports car agility; and, thanks to innovative drive technologies, the efficiency of a compact car.

The plug-in hybrid drive’s electric E-Mode makes the car a zero-emission SUV with a range of up to 31 miles. It is also almost completely silent. In GTE mode the power output is 381 PS, offering a dynamic drive.

The display and control concept are completely digital. The conventional switches in the interior have been replaced by gesture and voice control, touchscreens and touch-sensitive surfaces.

The T-Prime is the world’s first car to feature a Curved Interaction Area. The curved infotainment display blends in with the remaining displays and controls in the futuristic cockpit. Whilst the car’s eight-speed automatic transmission is controlled intuitively ‘by wire’ using a glass scroll wheel.

In future this successful model will, for the first time, also be available with an extended wheelbase. This together with the T-Cross Breeze presented in Geneva in March, gives us an exciting glimpse of what to expect from Volkswagen's SUV segment moving forward.