The Golf turns 45

The Volkswagen Golf, the most successful European car, is turning 45. On 29 March 1974, the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg officially started production of what would become its bestseller.

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Back in 1974, Volkswagen had no idea that the Golf would end up selling more than 35 million units all over the world – and still selling to this day.

A new Golf has been ordered somewhere in the world every 41 seconds, every day, without interruption, since the start of production 45 years ago, an average of around 780,000 vehicles per year. Impressive.

Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of Volkswagen: “The Golf is at the very heart of our brand. It stands for progress and technology like no other car. For example, the Golf made safety technology affordable for millions of people for the first time. Thanks to this, it made its mark on an entire generation.”

“For seven generations, the Golf has made a contribution to the development of Volkswagen as a brand and as a group – into one of the most important automotive producers in the world.”

With the Golf's state-of-the-art drive, assist systems, Infotainment and operating systems, it will continue to remain a key part of the Volkswagen brand and the future of mobility.

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