Motoring journalists take the ID.3 and new Golf GTI for a spin and let us know what they think

Motoring journalists had the chance to get behind the wheel of two of the most highly-anticipated new cars of 2020 – the new Golf GTI and ID.3. The verdicts? Both models received glowing reviews.

Speaking about the Golf GTI, Telegraph Motoring gave a 5* review and said: “Drive this car 100 metres and you’ll know that this is one of the great GTIs”.

Autocar labelled the new Golf GTI “the world’s finest hot hatch” saying ''We limit our use of the word 'iconic' at Autocar, but it’s a description that fits the bill better than any other here. The letters GTI have long become synonymous for enthralling hot hatch performance.''

Some more comments from Autocar were:

"It has a reworked chassis that benefits from a range of electronic upgrades, including Volkswagen’s new VDM (Vehicle Dynamics Manager), with a centralised network for faster reactions from a whole range of different chassis functions, most notably the adaptive dampers."

"Based on the same MQB platform as before, it’s an evolutionary step in overall engineering terms, but relative to the previous car, it has gained greater design distinction from the standard Golf."

"The electro-mechanical steering is terrifically well weighted, more tactile and, given the amount of power being fed through the front wheels, commendably free of corruption, even on a loaded throttle in lower gears."

"It immediately feels more responsive and a touch more sporting than any other standard Golf GTI that has gone before it."

"One area that is greatly improved, is the stop/start function, thanks to the adoption of a new electric pump"

Motoring magazine, Auto Express said the iconic hot hatch is “still the best around” in its four-star review.

"This electronic system controls the differential and the new adaptive dampers in harmony, adjusting them up to 200 times a second to strike the perfect balance between comfort and control. It’s a quiet technological leap forward for the GTI."

Top Gear gave the car seven out of 10, and told its readers: “Still a very rounded, complete bit of kit that’s now keener in the corners,”

What Car? rated the new Golf GTI four out of five stars and said: “…it's still plenty of fun, as Golf GTIs have generally been for 45 years”

Autocar said of ID.3 in its four-star review: ‘’It’s very mature in a typical VW way: an electric car whose substance of engineering is central to its appeal”

Auto Express gave ID.3 high praise and gave it four out of five stars: “A well-balanced chassis setup, impressive range and a reasonable price wrapped up in a great looking package. Viewed from this point of view, the ID.3 truly delivers on its promise to become the Golf of the electric age.”

The ID.3 does 0-37mph in roughly 3.7 seconds, which is likely to even outpace a Golf GTI from a standstill. And beyond the instant burst of power we’re now accustomed to in EVs, the electric newcomer doesn’t show itself up - far from it. It accelerates smoothly and unlaboured up to motorway speeds, up to a limited top speed of 99mph.

One thing in particular that sets the ID.3 apart from the competition is not how it feels to get on the move, but how it feels to bring it to a stop. The braking system feels far more natural than in competitors.

Telegraph Motoring described ID.3 as: “Nicely designed on the outside, with a lightweight and stiff bodyshell and a comfortable but assured ride quality" and gave it four out of five stars.

Top Gear rated ID.3 seven out of ten and said: “Inoffensive, well thought-out and easy to use. So, just like a Golf, but happens to be electric”.

Carpervert (Jonny Smith) said: “This is a very special EV, and one that a lot of people have been waiting for”.