The new Golf 8. Digitalised, connected, and intelligent

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The Golf is the most successful European car for more than four decades, with the Golf 8 starting a new chapter in the history of the best seller. It showcases a refreshed exterior, with intricately designed headlights and a wider profile, alongside superior technology to give you a hatchback in a class of its own. Never before has a Golf been so progressive.

It is a fact that the new Golf makes sustainable mobility accessible to many people. What’s more, with this Golf Volkswagen is moving to digitalised, self-explanatory operation. Klaus Bischoff, Head Designer at Volkswagen: “In a world where complexity is ever-increasing, the new Golf allows the driver to operate the vehicle intuitively.”

Constantly connected 

The systems on board the Golf not only connect seamlessly to each other but also to the world outside. The Golf receives Car2X, a first for a Volkswagen vehicle, which allows the car to connect with its environment. It can tell drivers the weather, and receive information from vehicles up to 800 metres away regarding traffic, breakdowns, hard braking and other useful data.​ It communicates wirelessly with other Car2X vehicles on the road to provide you with the most up to date traffic information. 

Travel assist allows for assisted driving up to speeds of 130mph. We Connect services are also included with the new Golf, bringing yet another dimension of connectivity. 

The Golf also receives IQ. Light LED matrix headlights and dynamic light assist, which has only previously appeared on Touraeg and new Passat.​ Dynamic light assist automatically adjusts brightness when it detects oncoming traffic. 

Digitally advanced

Its digital interior enables a new dimension of intuitive operation. Practically all displays and controls are digital: the new instruments and online infotainment systems meld together into a display landscape featuring touch buttons and touch sliders. A windshield head-up display is optionally available to further enhance the range of information available. The Golf 8 showcases Volkswagen’s quality interior design at its finest. As soon as you ease into the adjustable driver’s seat you’ll notice that thanks to the Innovision Cockpit, there are far fewer buttons to navigate on the dashboard. Choose the optional ambient lighting package and illuminate the interior from a selection of 32 colours.

The Innovision Cockpit takes all of your settings and displays them clearly on the Discover system’s 10-inch screen. From there you can easily adjust your driving position, air conditioning, radio, navigation and Driver Assistance systems. Set up your Volkswagen ID and once you log in the Golf 8 will remember your preferences. The Golf 8’s Head-Up display projects your speedometer and Adapted Cruise Control information straight onto the windshield. Sat-Nav and media settings are displayed on the Digital Cockpit, a high-definition screen that sits right behind the steering wheel. Through the Golf 8’s voice control you can select between radio stations, scroll through your address book, or change course on your Sat-Nav. You can even use voice commands to adjust the setting of the optional Adaptive Cruise Control.

Eight drivetrains, with hybrid driving

The new Golf receives eight drivetrains, including petrol (TSI), diesel (TDI), mild hybrid (eTSI) and plug-in hybrid drive (eHybrid) engines. All engines have a reduced consumption values and emissions outputs, with power outputs ranging from 90PS to 200PS.It will also be the first Volkswagen available with five hybrid drive options, including a TSI engine partnered with a 48V battery. Three eTSI options are available, as well as two plug-in eHybrid options including the GTE.