UK motoring press tested the new Tiguan on icy roads in Sweden

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Top UK motoring journalists love the new Tiguan, which they recently tested at specialist facilities in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. With temperatures dipping as low as -22C and the roads covered in ice and snow, the first dynamic drive of new Tiguan whetted the journalists’ appetites for its arrival on UK roads later this year.

Auto Express said: “if you are in the market for a premium family SUV this year, we’d already advise you to hold off ordering until you’ve tried the Tiguan. It’s that promising.”

What Car? agreed: “if you’re on the look-out for a small SUV, it is definitely worth waiting for,” and added: “if the price and equipment levels are competitive, and the running costs stack up, there’s every chance it could be a class winner.” What Car? then went even further: “it’s now broken rank with the Qashqai and feels closer aligned to premium brands, such as BMW and Audi.”

Autocar told its readers: “our first drive of the new Tiguan on icy roads inside the Arctic Circle revealed it to be exceptionally refined and highly capable. The ride quality is especially impressive.” The magazine added: “The new Volkswagen has taken a major step in almost all key areas, most notably interior quality, which is now a match for any similarly priced SUV rival.”

Auto Express was another, of many, to praise its quality, saying: “its premium-feel cabin and extra practicality should make it a strong rival for everything from the Nissan Qashqai to the BMW X1.”