Top-class Touareg pulls in media praise

Volkswagen’s new flagship model, the Touareg, has been roundly praised in the media following its UK launch in July. The new third-generation Touareg continues to set standards as a digital SUV with premium design, as highlighted by the positive responses received.

Auto Express

“It’s an evolution of the old car’s, but the neat blend of headlights (LED as standard and LED matrix optional) into an imposing front grille, a rakish roofline and neat behind make the latest model the sharpest-looking yet - arguably a more handsome beast than the Q7 or the BMW X5.”

“Whichever way you approach the Volkswagen Touareg, it’s an extremely tough car to fault. Here is an SUV that’s as talented as its posher VW Group cousins but it’s available at the lowest price of the lot.”

The Sun

“The VW Touareg has quality running through its DNA and is all the family car you will ever need”

“The headline act of the Touareg, though, is its interior. My God have the boys in white worked hard here. It’s far beyond what you would expect from a middle-market brand…”


“The third-generation Volkswagen Touareg is quiet and smooth on the road, and comes with an impressively powerful engine and lots of advanced technology. A modern look and roomy cabin should make it popular with business and family buyers alike...”

“Combining a 12.0-inch instrument display with a huge 15.0-inch infotainment touchscreen system, behind what appears to be one single piece of glass, it looks highly impressive.”

The Telegraph

“With is quasi starship looks, and when fully kitted out with Volkswagen’s Innovision Cockpit, including a new 15-inch main infotainment unit that curves gently to follow the contours of the dash, the new Touareg is unlike anything else currently on sale.”