Top Gear crown the up! GTI ‘Pocket Rocket of the Year’

The upcoming up! GTI has scooped the charismatic title of ‘Pocket Rocket of the Year’ from BBC TopGear Magazine. The smallest member of the Volkswagen GTI family was described as “An unserious and playful a car as Volkswagen has made this decade”. This comes 41 years after the first Golf GTI made its debut, the new up! GTI promises the same sense of driving fun as its famous forefather.

The up! GTI is a compact hot hatch that broadly follows the format of the original ‘hot’ Golf. The vehicle concept and power output of 115 PS put the up! GTI approximately in line with the Golf GTI Mk 1 launched in 1976, which had a power output of 110 PS.

Sophisticated sports running gear coupled with a powerful engine and low kerb weight means the up! GTI will blend speed with agility to bring a new dimension of driving fun to the city car category. The up! GTI will have the iconic red stripe across the grille and redesigned 17- inch alloy wheels giving the up! a GTI look. This theme continues inside with a leather-trimmed sport steering wheel, a GTI gear knob and the legendary ‘clark’ seat pattern. The up! is set to be launched in the start of 2018.