Volkswagen I.D. Crozz concept car unveiled

The I.D. Crozz all-electric SUV concept car was unveiled last week at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The first I.D. Crozz concept was a drawing revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2017. The I.D. Crozz is set to be released in 2020 and joins the I.D. and the I.D. BUZZ in the new generation of electric vehicles from Volkswagen. Volkswagen will be expanding its electric car model range with three models from 2020, and plans to offer 23 all-electric models by 2025.

The new I.D. Crozz is a cross between an SUV and a four-door coupé, with slight changes to the car since the first concept in April the I.D. Crozz is a sporty zero-emissions all-round vehicle. A centrally-integrated battery and two drive system units at the front and rear give the vehicle an ideal weight distribution between the two axles. This enables the I.D. Crozz to present handling characteristics on a par with those of a Golf GTI.

The car will also be fitted with a new voice assistant, which will enable the closing and opening or doors by voice command. Stay tuned for more information on the I.D. Crozz .