7+ oil change offer | Sytner Volkswagen

7+ oil change at £99*

Our bespoke Volkswagen 7 year+ oil change allows us to continue taking good care of your aging Volkswagen whilst keeping the cost remarkably affordable.
We'll also complete a full Visual Health Check giving you peace of mind during the wintery months ahead.

Let the experts deal with your oil change.

At Sytner Volkswagen we know your car better than anybody else, that includes the type of oil needed to keep your car running safer and longer.

Don't forget, using the right oil is an essential requirement of your factory warranty.

1 in 3 cars need an oil top up. Does yours?

  • With today's demanding driving conditions, it is more vital than ever to check your oil regularly
  • if you wait until the oil light comes on it is often too late
  • Always top up with the correct specification of oil
  • Low oil levels or topping up with the wrong oil can potentially cause damage to you engine

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MOT for £29*

Why do I need an MOT?

It's the law. The Ministry of Transport requires all vehicles to meet a minimum safety standard and are required every year, once your car is 3 years old.​

What happens if I don't have an MOT test?

It's illegal to drive your car without a valid MOT test certificate. You can be fined and get points on your license. Without a regular safety check you could be driving around in a car that's a risk to you and other road users. If you had an accident, your insurance policy for the car could be void.

What we do?

We give your car the care and expertise of a Volkswagen Authorised Repairer for the standard MOT test fee you would pay at any other MOT test centre. If your car needs any further work to pass the test, we'll ask you first. Any parts we use will have a 2-year parts and labour warranty on parts fitted after the manufacturer's warranty has expired*. ​

*Excludes wear and tear items.

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Terms & Conditions

*Offer available for vehicles aged 7 years plus . Up to 15 years old. Up to and including 2.0 litre vehicles. Available to retail customers only. All prices are inclusive of parts, oil, labour and VAT and valid until 31st, December 2017. Offers apply to participating Authorised Repairers only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Parts and labour warranty applies after the manufacturer warranty has expired and does not include wear and tear items. *This offer applies to vehicles following a time and distance or fixed service regime only. For more information on your service regime refer to your handbook. †Pre-MOT inspections in Northern Ireland.(caveat sign).