Volvo V60

The Lifestyle Enabler

Life is about the experience. Making the most of every moment. The moments of calm. The moments of freedom. The moments of confidence. Creating memories that will last forever.

With versatility, intuitive technology and engaged dynamics, the V60 is the car with which you will share life's little - and big - moments. A car that is the ultimate lifestyle enabler.


On the road, the V60 chassis and suspension provide exceptional control, creating a truly dynamic driving character. At the front of the car, a sporty double wishbone, transverse link suspension provides the best possible contact between tyre and road surface. At the rear, an integral link design features a sophisticated transverse leaf spring tuned to provide sporty, dynamic roadholding without compromising refinement and ride comfort.


Inside the V60, you're in a place where Scandinavian design and Swedish craftsmanship meet. A place where all the occupants travel in comfort, thanks to superb seats and individually adjustable climate control. Clean, uncluttered design combines form and function.Whilst authentic materials and refined details, such as the diamond pattern on the control knobs create a sense of contemporary luxury.

Volvo V60
Volvo V60


Protecting you and your passengers has always been at the heart of every Volvo, and the advanced safety features are the result of decades of passionate innovation.

In a Volvo, it's the interaction between all the safety features that determines how efficiently the car will protect you and your passengers in a collision. Everything, from the design of the seats to the surrounding safety cage and the safety belts and airbags, works together to help maximise protection.