Volvo V90

A sophisticated estate, built for the way you live.

The V90 is designed to fit in with your life and it comes with all the features you would expect from a Volvo estate.

Even before you start the engine, it is clear that the new Volvo V90 has been designed around the driver. So even after driving for two or three hours, you’ll arrive at your destination feeling relaxed. Inside, the V90 offers a light and spacious Scandinavian sanctuary, specifically designed to reflect the feeling of openness you get inside a Swedish home.

Volvo V90


The V90 was designed from the ground up for precision and comfort. That’s why the sophisticated suspension gives you the best of both worlds. Accuracy and precision when you want it, backed up by comfort and technology to make every drive enjoyable.


Travel first class in every seat, every day. Because when you're in the V90 you're in your own private lounge, a place where comfort and luxury combine with technology and craftsmanship.

The front seats have been sculpted to complement the human form, they provide superb support and a huge range of adjustment, so everyone can find the ideal seating position. Plus our CleanZone technology filters dust, pollen, particulates and odours while monitoring the air quality and closing the intakes if pollutant levels rise too high.

Volvo V90
Volvo V90


Protecting you and your passengers has always been at the heart of every Volvo, and the advanced safety features are the result of decades of passionate innovation.

In a Volvo, it's the interaction between all the safety features that determines how efficiently the car will protect you and your passengers in a collision. Everything, from the design of the seats to the surrounding safety cage and the safety belts and airbags, works together to help maximise protection.