Volvo S60

The sport saloon that rewrites the driving story.

The Volvo S60 is the sports saloon that rewrites the driving story. Effortless performance meets intuitive technology, while a sophisticated chassis balances comfort and control. And a choice of driving modes puts you at the centre of a dynamic experience.

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Need to know


Our mild hybrids recover energy produced when braking and store it in a 48V battery. When this energy is used, fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions are both reduced.


The S60 mild hybrid has been engineered to deliver smooth take-offs and refined acceleration, making both city and highway journeys more refined.


Every drop of fuel saved helps – and in our mild hybrids, you enjoy lower fuel consumption without experiencing performance compromises.


S60 Recharge Plus

Plug-in Hybrid

From £51,780

S60 Recharge Ultimate

Plug-in Hybrid

From £56,480


The new Volvo S60 celebrates the joy of driving through design. Sculpted sides and a sleek profile with muscular shoulders above the rear wheels highlight the car’s athletic character. Scandinavian elegance and dynamic attitude combine to give it a purposeful, focused presence. The Volvo S60 is a car that confidently communicates its ability on the road. Distinctive details enhance the powerful character of the new Volvo S60 and identify it as one of the new generations of Volvo cars. 

The interior is tailored around your needs – a place where connected, easy-to-use technology combines with the wellbeing that only human-centric innovation and elegant Scandinavian design can provide. The prominent front grille wears its Volvo emblem proudly, while the long bonnet and deep front bumper express power. Full LED headlights with Volvo Cars’ unique Thor’s Hammer T-shaped light signature create an unmistakable presence, day or night. At the rear, the boot edge kicks upwards for a sportier attitude and better aerodynamics at speed.


Enjoy a strong performance from a range of efficient engines and plug-in hybrid models capable of zero-emissions running. The new S60 offers a choice of drive modes, so you can tailor the driving experience to your journey or your mood. There are three default settings for the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brakes and stability control system that put the focus on dynamic driving, comfort or fuel economy and emissions. Or you can create your own combination with Individual mode.


A centre display with touch screen is the effortless way that you connect with the new S60. It has a portrait format that makes reading information easy and reduces scrolling, while the 9-inch screen has a special non-reflective coating and is so responsive you can even use it while wearing gloves.

The panoramic roof available for the new S60 bathes the interior in natural light. It’s large enough that those in both the front and rear seats can benefit from it, while special tinted glass reduces unwanted heat and UV radiation. It features a power-operated sunshade that makes it easy to keep strong light out if necessary, while the front part of the roof can be tilted or opened to provide extra ventilation.

S60 Recharge

The midsize saloon that’s engineered for dynamic driving and designed with a purpose for our planet. Using an electric motor and petrol engine to reduce tailpipe emissions, the Volvo S60 Plug-in Hybrid is capable of 166mpg. In Pure mode, it’ll use only the electric motor that can be used for up to 37miles when fully charged. More than enough to cover the average commute. Get your heart racing with the Polestar Engineered.