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Luggage Box

A modern exclusive and aerodynamic space box that offers minimal wind resistance. Comes in two sizes and two different colours.

Prices from £525

Bicycle Holders

It doesn't matter if your journey is long or short, Volvo's range of reliable towbar and mounted bicycle holders will get you and your bikes where you want to go – safely and securely. Compact and versatile, Volvo bicycle holders are capable of carrying between one and four bicycles and are perfect for when you fancy taking your travels off-road and onto new terrain.

Prices from £425

Tempa Spare Wheel

An integrated solution designed to conceal the Tempa spare wheel under the floor of the luggage compartment. It creates more space, makes loading easier, whilst all the time ensuring that the spare wheel remains easily accessible. Available on V60/S60.

Prices from £250

Bumper Cover

A practical cover for the rear bumper that prevents clothes from getting dirty and protects the bumper when loading and unloading.

Prices from £60


Fully covering sunshades that provide maximum protection for your passengers. The shades are uniquely tailored to the rear windows of your car, providing a more comfortable trip in strong sunlight.

Prices from £110

Load Liner

Transport pets or dirty and wet items in the load liner and avoid staining the load compartment of your car.

Prices from £120