Customer Service

At Sytner Group, we always aim to offer our customers the very best service. Whilst we make it our mission to create an unforgettable experience, if you are not satisfied or have any concerns, we will do all we can to resolve them quickly, effectively and to your satisfaction. If (as a consumer), your complaint cannot be resolved via our internal procedures, you may refer your complaint to a dispute resolution provider (known as ADR).

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are passionate about customer service, so much so that we survey each of our customers to determine satisfaction levels to ensure we are meeting our customers' needs. We use the feedback from our surveys for ongoing improvements to our customer care and services across our dealerships.

We ask five simple questions:

  • Did we make you feel welcome?
  • Did we fully understand your requirements?
  • Do you intend to use our services again?
  • Did we treat you in a professional and friendly way?
  • Did you enjoy dealing with us?

Did we make you feel welcome?
During the last three months, the Sytner Group team have scored a 97% positive response to these questions.