The All New Jaguar XF Sportbrake

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake shares most of its interior and exterior design work with the XF Saloon.

The Sportbrake offers extra space including an increased boot capacity of 1,657 litres – 1,135 litres more than the saloon.

Front exterior styling is the same on XF saloon and XF Sportbrake but it is the rear where the extra space is sourced.

The amount of extra space doesn't impair the power of the Sportbrake. The R-S still manages an effortless 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 186mph. There is no doubt that size doesn't affect the power of the XF.

Exterior Features

The distinctive wings, air vents and bonnet make the Jaguar XF have very unique sports styling.

The design allows air to pass over the vehicle more effectively creating less drag and better performance.

HID Bi-Function Xenon Headlamps allows the XF to detect other vehicles on the read and automatically adjust high beam. The distinctive Jaguar J blade day and night LED running lights to maintain the signature glow at all times.

The shell is made from new generation high strength steel creating a ring of safety in the cabin.

The Jaguar XF is luxury sportbrake to its core.

Interior Features

The interior is just as refined as the exterior.

The options of colours, and grades of leather cloth, and veneer finishers are the best sourced from the UK and Italy, ensuring you have the best quality possible.

The option to change the mood with Phosphor Blue Halo Illumination on the dash and key points in the cabin will highlight every line.

Ergonomically designed the make the best of the space around you, the storage in the XF is second to none with a maximum boot space of 1,657 litres (dependent on spare wheel type). The cabin space is also enhanced by having an electronic parking break and the Jaguar Drive Selector leaving more space and storage.


Jaguar XF technology is as impressive as its design.

Stop/Start technology allows you to drive the XF in the most efficient way possible. Add to the Jaguar Drive Selector with Sequential Shift enables gear changes at optimum times. All of this gives you low carbon emissions figures as well and enhanced fuel performance.

Adaptive cruise control makes journeys even more comfortable. With the ability to set your stopping distance from the vehicle in front the XF keeps you at a constant speed and distance.

Blind spot monitoring located in your wing mirror alerts you if anyone is overtaking you and they are in your blind spot.

The 7-inch touchscreen located in the centre console is another hub of technology. It is innovative in design and houses the Satellite Navigation, Digital radio and television, telephone connectivity and much more. Clear and intuitive the design and functionality of this is second to none.

Another touch is interactive voice control giving you capability to control your vehicle by simple voice commands.

The technological features are extensive in the XF, contact your nearest retail for full information.


XF Sportbrake R-S

Jaguar's most powerful sportback ever.

Styled with carbon fibre finishers to enhance performance including rear diffuser, side sills and up-rated suspension. Performance exhaust and 20" Varuna alloy wheels the quality of finish is unmistakable on this. Aluminium red brake calipers with high performance brakes gives a confident and aggressive feel to the handling.

The XF R-S comes with a rear spoiler to complete the look.

The R-S Logo is also stitched into the soft leather seating give the interior a definitive finish.


Ensure your XF Sportbrake suits your needs.

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