DB12 Volante

Icon. Driven.

This is no mere GT. An icon reborn and reinvented. Smoothed and chiselled into the shape of a Volante and given free rein to cut through continents, erase expectations and completely redefine the open-top category. This is DB12 Volante.

Need to know


The twin turbo V8 delivers a class leading 680PS for a top speed of 202mph and comes forged with 800Nm of torque.


DB12 Volante cruises with a K-fold roof, opening and closing in a class leading 14 seconds, at speeds of up to 35 mph.


Five drive modes. Electronic limited slip rear differential delivering torque intelligently for better handling at any speed. With the non isolated steering column giving feedback immediately where you can feel it.

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We have pushed every aspect of this car to be best-in-class. The result is more power and performance than its rivals.

Combined with exceptional handling and an exciting soundtrack, it is a car with passion and a truly sporting character. And the start of Aston Martin’s most exciting new era.

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Allow us to introduce DB12. An icon of performative luxury, inside and out. Enjoy the twin high definition screens, the brand new, custom designed interface, alongside voice control and navigation. Immerse yourself in the new 1170watt Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, as it reacts to the ambient noise in the cabin, automatically adjusting the audio profile as you drive. Savour the optimised driving position, with a perfect hip/heel ratio, giving you maximum control of the car’s 680PS delivered by its stunning twin turbo V8. From the new elegant lines and aggressive grille that give it an unapologetic presence, to the raised centre console that holds you in the heart of the car.


An open-top model made to marvel. Sleek, beautiful and scythed with sharpness. Carved to let torque flow through its heart-stealing body. And embellished with a reimagined and redesigned finely folded roof. Taking top-down driving to super levels while adding air to the already debonair.


Inherited and intended to cool. DB12 Volante bares a redesigned and remoulded front bumper, fender and grille design. A honed focal point with a larger traditional ‘DB’ single-vaned grille for a 56% increase in open area to aid cooling.


Meet the infotainment system made to match the capabilities of the first ever super tourer. Designed, engineered and tailored in house. Built to support wireless Apple CarPlay™ and for the first time, born with voice control. Making satellite navigation, your favourite tracks and any app stand to attention. With your voice alone.


A premier screening. DB12 Volante courses with clarity thanks to the highest definition touch screen in any car in the category with full capacitive touch control. Imprinted with enlightened graphics, setting the precedent for every Aston Martin to come.

Engines & Performance

Propelled by power and purified by performance. DB12 Volante is made piece by piece and inch by inch to seek the speed of missiles. While injecting the cockpit with a turbocharged tourer experience intensity. Blowing the top off performance. The twin-turbo V8 delivers a class-leading 680PS for a top speed of 202mph and comes forged with 800Nm of torque. Letting every ounce of power pour over the road without a roof to stop sound soaring around every edge of the cabin. Putting you at the heart of the ultimate roaring racing experience.


For the first time in an Aston Martin GT model, an automatic ZF 8-speed transmission comes twinned with an electronic limited slip rear differential. Working in harmony to thread each wheel with venom and pirouette power into place. Cutting acceleration time across the mid-range. Taking your super tourer to super racing heights.


0-62 mph

3.7 seconds

Top speed