A New Seat of Power

Meet the Aston Martin DBX707

DBX707 marks the dawn of a new era, one of new dynamic standards for luxury SUVs. Providing immense power with 707PS and peerless handling, DBX707 takes a new seat of power.

Need to know


The DBX707 builds on the success of the 2020 by offering performance and comfort upgrades in the form of an upgraded engine and gearbox.


Previously power was transmitted via an 8-speed ZF Gearbox, DBX707 takes responsiveness to a new height swapping the ratios for a 9-speed, wet-clutch gearbox.


Aston Martin as modernized the DBX707 to stay competitive in an ever-changing market segment, which they are keen to continue be assertive in.

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Right from its first introduction the DBX has represented Aston Martin’s dynamic and design values in a way that proves not all SUVs have to conform to the same compromises. With the DBX707 we have pushed the boundaries in every area to create a car which sets new standards of performance and desirability. The fastest, most powerful, best handling and most engaging car of its kind, it propels Aston Martin to the pinnacle of SUV performance

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What we think

“The DBX707 is at the cutting edge of performance SUVs, bringing the kind of experience you’d expect from a supercar but in a usable and convenient layout. As a car that’ll both exhilarate and prove dependable on a daily basis, the DBX707 really delivers."


In keeping with its extensive engineering upgrades the exterior and interior of the DBX707 have received an equally thorough design makeover. The result is spectacular - overtly sporting but with the style and attention to detail for which Aston Martin is rightly celebrated.

New front-end treatment sees the DBX receive a larger front grille and all-new design of DRL complete with new air intakes and brake cooling ducts, plus a new front splitter profile. The satin chrome grille - enlarged to significantly increase cooling airflow to both the ultra-high performance V8 and new 9-speed transmission - features double vanes, the six horizontal bars now split to create more visual interest and make this range-topping model immediately identifiable.


The standard DBX is already a fine-looking vehicle, so how do you take its design one step further? Well, Aston Martin started by incorporating a larger front grille with new air intakes and brake cooling ducts, which help to channel more air to key components while giving the car a more aggressive appearance. That chrome grille now features double vanes and six horizontal bars which help to differentiate it from the standard DBX.


Around the back, a new lip spoiler has been added to the top of the roof to help improve high-speed stability, while the twin rear diffuser is larger to incorporate the new quad exhaust system.


The interior technology that you get in the DBX707 is much the same as you will on the regular DBX, which is a good thing indeed. Things are centred around a 10.25-inch central screen, controlled via a rotary dial to access functions such as satellite navigation and media. It also incorporates Apple CarPlay, so you can quickly and easily mirror your smartphone’s display on the car’s main screen. 

This is then backed up by a 10.25-inch display sitting in the place of the conventional dials. It’s clear and easy to read and can be configured to show different layouts and information. The DBX707’s lower centre console area has been tweaked over the one in the standard DBX, giving quicker and easier access to the driver modes.


Engines & Performance

The very core of the DBX707 is its 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Immensely powerful, it brings 697bhp and 900Nm of torque - hikes of 155bhp and 200Nm over the regular DBX. Though the same engine as the standard car, the DBX707’s V8 has been extensively reworked in order to free up that extra power, with ball-bearing turbochargers and a bespoke engine calibration setup included. 

Electronic Active Roll Control allows the DBX707 to remain even flatter through the bends, while the new quad exhaust system has an active switch which allows it to be relatively muted for driving around town, but will enable the engine to go into full song when driving more enthusiastically.



Despite being a relatively large SUV, the DBX707 is accompanied by a set of statistics that are more in keeping with a supercar. It’ll manage the 0-60mph sprint in under 3.3 seconds and can carry on to a top speed of 193mph. This super-fast acceleration time comes through the tweaking of the DBX’s launch control, which is now even sharper and more focused in its use on the 707. 

The DBX707 also includes a revised limited-slip differential that has been strengthened to handle all of that extra torque, while 100 per cent of that power can be sent to the rear wheels alone when required for a more spirited driving experience. Despite all of this performance, the Aston Martin DBX707 should still manage to return up to 19.3mpg combined.

0-60 mph

3.3 seconds

Top speed


CO2 emissions


Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare with other cars tested to the same technical procedures. Figures may not reflect real life driving results, which will depend upon a number of factors including factory-fitted options, accessories fitted (post registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. Further information about the test used to establish fuel consumption and CO2 figures can be found at www.astonmartin.com