Valkyrie AMR Pro

Impossible. Driven.


The ultimate no rules hypercar

Valkyrie AMR Pro is a project beyond compare, a true ‘no rules’ track-only version.

Extreme evolution

With its design and performance unshackled from race rule constraints, the AMR Pro's capabilities now outshine those of the machine that was designed to challenge for outright victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Race optimised

First seen at the 2018 Motor Show, the original concept proposed for Le Mans was designed to squeeze in as much performance from the road-legal Valkyrie as possible. The new Valkyrie AMR-Pro reaps the benefits of the Le Mans project's race-optimised chassis, aerodynamics and powertrain technology.


Agressive aerodynamics

Taking our partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) to stellar heights, the Valkyrie AMR Pro is a weapon of unprecedented potency. A unique version of the Valkyrie chassis gives AMR Pro a 380mm longer wheelbase and a track that is 96mm wider at the front and 115mm wider at the rear. A ferocious aerodynamic package adds an additional 266mm in length and generates extraordinary levels of downflow thanks to engineering mastery of the underbody and overwing airflow. With twice the downflow of the Valkyrie road car, the Valkyrie AM Pro attains lateral acceleration of more than 3G.


Blistering performance

Valkyrie AMR Pro relies solely on a modified version of the sensational Cosworth- built 6.5 litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine. Revving to11,000 rpm, this masterpiece of internal combustion is on target to develop 1000nhp. Insanely fast, by anybody's standards.



Space-age engineering

Nothing else looks like it, nothing else sounds like it, and I am absolutely certain nothing else will drive like it!


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