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All New Bentley Bentayga V8

The new Bentayga V8 seamlessly fuses powerful performance with groundbreaking innovation,encompassed in unrivalled Bentley design.

The new Bentayga takes you on a journey unlike any other. This completely re-imagined SUV fuses luxury and performance to inspire exploration without limits.


The new Bentayga delivers Bentley’s unique and exhilarating driving experience through a balance of raw power and efficiency, making it supremely versatile on-road and off-road. As should be expected, it possesses the typical Bentley characteristics of phenomenal torque with ample reserves of power – ensuring a surge of acceleration is always available should it be needed.

There is no need to compromise on performance, capability or comfort when you choose the new Bentayga. This commanding car has elevated the Sports Utility Vehicle to dramatic new levels, combining contemporary design with timeless craftsmanship to deliver an unmistakable aesthetic. Alongside phenomenal power and innovative technology, practicality goes hand in hand with comfort. Whether you are golfing or skiing, heading across continents or across town, navigating roads or leaving them far behind, the new Bentayga is perfectly equipped for every journey.


Created with the driver in mind, the technology in the new Bentayga can be easily configured to suit your personal tastes, including several driver assistance systems to aid urban driving, grand touring and more robust off-roading. The new Bentayga features a completely new, high-resolution touchscreen infotainment system. This 10.9" screen has a resolution of 1920 pixels by 720 pixels, providing sharp, crystal-clear images and is underpinned by cutting-edge software to provide a high level of future-proofing.


See and be seen in the distinctive new Bentayga.
Following modern Bentley design language, the new Bentayga truly is a sight to behold. From its re imagined front grille, new lights and dominant upright face, to its bold new lower bumper design with larger intakes and deeply sculpted surfaces, this SUV makes its presence felt, wherever it is.

At the rear, the latest evolution of Bentley design continues. New elliptical tail lamps are set into a beautifully sculpted tailgate panel, which pushes the boundaries of seamless contouring to the limit. Echoing the design of the rear lamps, the new Bentayga’s bold, updated bumper features oval shaped split tailpipes and a prominent ‘Bentley’ badge.


With a host of accessories and styling options allowing you to configure your new Bentayga to your personal taste, it is highly unlikely you will ever see another one like yours. You can choose from an extensive palette of exterior paint colours, all of which are designed to maintain their brilliance for many years to come. With numerous different wheel designs, hide options, beautiful natural veneers and distinctive trim options, almost every visible feature of your new Bentayga can be customised to your own specification.