K 1600 Grand America

From £24,630

Experience more together

Embarking on a journey in pairs means savouring every kilometre twice, a concept that makes perfect sense. Yet, with the K 1600 Grand America, your experiences are always elevated. The commanding six-cylinder engine allows for a leisurely cruise towards the horizon, enhanced by thoughtful features like footboards, a top case with a backrest, and a lofty windscreen. At the end of each day, determining the most beautiful moment becomes a delightful challenge. Nevertheless, the tales of each kilometre will undoubtedly carry a sense of fulfilment, at least twice as enjoyable.

k 1600 grand america
k 1600 grand america

Further and more - always

This grand tourer is not just about the destination; it's about the journey itself. The K 1600 Grand America allows riders to effortlessly cruise towards the horizon, making every kilometre a story to be savoured. With its distinctive design and premium features, including advanced technology and ergonomic details, this motorcycle redefines the art of touring, providing a perfect blend of power, elegance, and practicality. Riding the K 1600 Grand America isn't just a trip; it's a luxurious adventure that unfolds with every twist of the throttle.

Plenty of room for your style

The BMW K 1600 Grand America is the epitome of luxurious touring on two wheels. Powered by a formidable six-cylinder engine, it effortlessly combines performance and comfort for an unrivalled riding experience. With features like footboards, a top case complete with a backrest, and a high windscreen, it's meticulously designed for extended journeys in utmost style.

k 1600 grand america
k 1600 grand america

CC capacity


Nm at 5,250 rpm


Litres of storage space


mm seat height


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