R 1250 RT

From £17,350

Powerful on the road, relaxed at the destination.

Embarking on the open road, devouring miles, connecting with people, embracing new experiences, and swapping stories: every tour is a cascade of thrilling highlights. Enter the realm of the R 1250 RT, where a plethora of features ensures not just comfort but a heightened level of readiness, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your journey without a worry, ensuring each moment becomes an unforgettable chapter in your adventure.

BMW R 1250 RT
BMW R 1250 RT

Built for touring

Experience the boxer engine's potency right from the initial meters. Wherever your journey leads, captivating performance and seamless operation captivate across all speed ranges. The BMW ShiftCam variable camshaft control guarantees this, delivering superior power distribution and enhanced control. A high torque curve, remarkable elasticity, and compelling power with fewer gear shifts guarantee a laid-back touring experience. With its ample displacement and efficient power, every meter covered amplifies your riding pleasure.

Dynamics written across the face

Streamlined and slender: The front section of the R 1250 RT exudes elegance and houses the LED headlights. Coupled with the more condensed body, it forms a dynamic ensemble with a distinct advantage: an expanded field of vision. The newly designed windscreen features a remarkable patented air duct, minimising forward suction and upper body air turbulence—ensuring you remain in complete relaxation even after extended hours on the bike. The two-part front-wheel cover further accentuates compactness, enhances aerodynamics, and diminishes dirt exposure for both you and your bike, particularly during rainy rides.

BMW R 1250 RT
BMW R 1250 RT down mountain with dual rider, Lifestyle, Image, dual rider shot, BMW R 1250 RT, Motorrad, 2018

CC capacity


Nm at 6,250 rpm


Litres of storage space


KG load

226 kg

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