CE 04

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You move around the world’s cities and metropolitan regions exactly at the point where each project represents the first step towards the next new idea. And you are also always on the move. We are familiar with this captivating dynamism as we have been applying it for over 10 years to develop solutions and concepts for urban electromobility, something that means far more nowadays than just getting from A to B. It is from this long-term innovative leadership that the BMW CE 04 is launching into a new era of design to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life thanks to its intelligent connectivity solutions.

BMW CE 04 SOC Image DI21_000025974[1], Motorrad, 2021
BMW CE 04 SOC Image DI21_000025974[1], Motorrad, 2021

The design of the BMW CE 04 centres around the slim energy storage unit in the underfloor assembly and the compact drivetrain. The design liberties and solutions here have led to new aesthetics, for instance the charging compartment that folds out towards the side or the floating seat. The low centre of gravity represents a further benefit: for fun handling, surprising dynamism and timeless riding pleasure. As a result, one innovation seamlessly leads to another, also in terms of design. Ample, calm and minimalistic surfaces dominate the overall design. In this context, the front end is excitingly broken up while the rear end reveals technological components, a typical feature of motorcycles.

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The two colour concepts have been accurately adapted to the modern and unmistakeable design of the BMW CE 04. They emphasise the pioneering design and set striking highlights.

Avantgarde: Expressive and confident: the BMW CE 04 Avantgarde in Imperial blue metallic.

Light white: The bright white tone dynamically and liberally reflects the vibrant big city as a contemporary space for interpretation.

BMW CE 04 SOC Image DI21_000025974[1], Motorrad, 2021
BMW CE 04 Social use only Image, Motorrad, 2022 JD700748_2

0 - 50 km/h

2.6 seconds

0% to 80% charging power at maximum charge current using the optional quick charger

65 minutes

kW (hp) maximum output

31 (42)

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