Breaking new dimensions


The BUGATTI CHIRON continues the brand’s legacy of exclusivity by securing itself as the fastest and most powerful production super sports car in BUGATTI’s history. Demonstrating innovative technology, distinctive design and unmatched performance, the BUGATTI CHIRON is the essence of BUGATTI.

Every part of the BUGATTI CHIRON represents a part of BUGATTI’s history and the unrivalled talents of BUGATTI’s family of artists and engineers. Further than demonstrations of breathtaking accomplishments and performance, that history can be felt through the distinctive horseshoe grille and C-bar design. 


The CHIRON’s Skyview option was developed alongside the car’s distinctive attributes. Whilst the iconic design on the exterior of the CHIRON remains the same, the Skyview option transforms the interior thanks to a glass roof that fills the cockpit with natural light and enables a very different view for occupants. 

Skyview brings with it an entirely new feeling of space and speed, turning a drive in the BUGATTI CHIRON into a truly three-dimensional experience. Ensuring the continuity of the CHIRON’s sleek lines, the two glass Skyview elements are installed on either side of the signature central fin which defines the car’s unmistakable silhouette. 


The CHIRON stands for levels of performance that have seldom been seen in the past, combining beauty and BUGATTI DNA with the very latest technology. One such element is the new intelligent air intake that significantly improves aerodynamics and cooling efficiency for the engine and brakes. 

Every part of the CHIRON is focused on performance – even the distinctive quad LED headlights serve as air intakes that funnel air to the front brakes. The BUGATTI CHIRON stands as the most technologically advanced car that the brand have ever created.


The beating heart of the BUGATTI CHIRON is an 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16 that produces a breathtaking 1,500hp and 1,600Nm of torque. Designed for linear power output between 2,000 and 6,000rpm, the quad-turbo works in two-stages. Thanks to the aforementioned aerodynamic design, a remarkable 60,000 litres of air enters the engine every minute. 

At the same time, 800 litres of water per minute is also pumped into the engine for cooling and ensures that the CHIRON is always capable of offering all of that immense power. Making the most of the power available, the CHIRON has been entirely made from lightweight materials such as carbon fibre. 


As with every BUGATTI, every CHIRON is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can be customised to perfectly suit the personality of each and every BUGATTI customer. To make each BUGATTI a unique work of art, BUGATTI designers work closely with every owner. There are virtually no limits to the levels of personalisation.


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