BUGATTI Chiron Sport


The CHIRON SPORT takes the incredible ethos and performance demonstrated by CHIRON and interprets it in an entirely new way. Firmer in chassis, lighter and sharper, the CHIRON SPORT is a further performance focussed expression of the CHIRON that doesn’t compromise the exquisite luxury. 

The familiar and bold exterior sits atop a firmer chassis setting, a brand new torque vectoring function and revised suspension that reflects the CHIRON SPORT’s even further focus on performance. Alongside design, clever construction has meant that the CHIRON SPORT is now 18kg lighter than the CHIRON.


Alongside the revised exterior design, the interior has also found a new expression of sportiness. Boasting an ambience that is both exhilarating and elegant, the interior is home to a mix of Alcantara, leather and carbon fibre, together with a black anodised aluminium drive mode rotary knob and engine start button. 

As with all elements of every BUGATTI, the interior can be customised. In this case, the BUGATTI CHIRON SPORT’s interior can be finished will all trim parts in the same black sporting touch as the engine start button.


The BUGATTI CHIRON SPORT is focused not only in a straight line. A new damper control strategy and firmer suspension set-up (when in handling mode) ensures that the CHIRON SPORT is stiffer and sharper in the corners, responding even more directly. 

Alongside these set-up changes, the BUGATTI CHIRON SPORT boasts an optimised rear axle differential setting and a totally new dynamic torque vectoring function. ​


Lightweight materials, new components and new lightweight wheels have reduced the CHIRON SPORT’s weight and subsequently increased the car’s agility. Carbon fibre features heavily throughout, with the CHIRON SPORT being the first production car in the world to utilise carbon fibre windscreen wipers.


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