Modern Coachbuilding At Its Best


The BUGATTI DIVO is a strictly limited demonstration of BUGATTI’s modern coachbuilding skills. This beautiful and modern expression of BUGATTI’s design language combines style and beauty with redefined handling properties and stunning lateral acceleration.

The exterior design has been honed by airflow – fine-tuned for downforce – and the chassis settings and suspension modified to offer an intense driving experience. 


BUGATTI’s iconic and proven 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16 engine provides the beautiful DIVO with an output of 1,500PS and 1,600Nm of torque. The breathtaking engine and design means that the DIVO is a true expression of BUGATTI.

Bringing BUGATTI coachbuilding into the 21st century, the DIVO is a must-have for any BUGATTI enthusiast’s hyper sports car collection. DIVO is a masterpiece of both engineering and design.


BUGATTI’s signature design language has been slimmed down and reimagined to create a distinct yet familiar silhouette. From front to back, DIVO demonstrates a fluidity in design that is both muscular and elegant. 

Alongside beauty, the design is has been honed for aerodynamics and even elements such as the repositioned headlights and brake-cooling inlets work to channel air as it flows over the car. That means extra cooling for the W16 and increased downforce for handling. 


As mentioned, DIVO has been designed to offer increased aerodynamics and even better handling when compared to other BUGATTI models. Part of this aerodynamic design is the central fin at the rear which pays homage to the iconic BUGATTI Type 57SC Atlantic. 

The central fin runs from the NACA air intake on the roof and the hydraulically actuated rear wing, which is now 23% wider than the CHIRON. That extra width means it is even better at creating downforce and more efficient as an airbrake. 


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