The All-Electric I-Pace

Introducing Jaguar's first all-electric performance SUV.

Price From: £64,495

Built from the ground up, the new Jaguar I‑PACE is a pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Thrilling to look at and drive, Jaguar I‑PACE is the world’s smartest five-seater sports car.

Developed and described by Jaguar as a ‘five seat sports car’ the I-PACE offers a range of up to 298 miles and 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds. It’s the first serious rival to Tesla as a luxury, high-performance electric vehicle and no coincidence that Jaguar’s launch videos showed the I-PACE beating the Model X in 0-60-0 acceleration and braking tests.


Power and capability at your fingertips.

I‑PACE dramatic, distinctive look, with aerodynamic bonnet scoop, flush door handles and bold air ducts, maximises the electric vehicle’s range and helps it slice efficiently through the air.

Its instant torque, All Wheel Drive capabilities and aerodynamic design enable I‑PACE to achieve sports car acceleration, reaching 60mph in around 4 seconds.* I‑PACE has a compact footprint from the outside but exceptional space within. There are five full seats, innovative storage, a substantial rear loadspace of over 656 litres 1 (1,453 litres 1 2 with the rears seats folded) and 27 litres in the front storage compartment.


Drive with confidence, Jaguar I-PACE has safety at it's core.

I‑PACE sophisticated technology is never obvious or intrusive. Every control and interaction, each piece of information, falls logically and intuitively to hand, keeping your attention on the road.

The body construction of the I‑PACE features a rigid aluminium and steel cage around the battery, providing increased protection in the case of an accident. There are six airbags, including driver and passenger airbags, side curtain and thorax. Emergency braking, lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition and driver condition monitor are all standard, and to protect pedestrians the ultra-quiet I-PACE emits an external acoustic signal at speeds under 12mph.


Intelligent technology, connecting you to the outside world.

With a 5-seater cabin that is both luxurious and sporty thanks to exquisite materials and advanced technology, I‑PACE delivers a sense of occasion from the moment you open the door. Its floating centre console and panoramic roof combine to create a light and airy interior that highlights the exceptional interior package. Following the I-PACE release, Jaguar has launched an intelligent app to help drivers experience life with its all-electric I-PACE before even getting behind the wheel.

I‑PACE’s 90kWh battery is made up of high energy density lithium-ion pouch cells. Its design and state-of-the-art thermal management system supports longevity and periods of sustained maximum power.I‑PACE can achieve 80% charge in 90 minutes with a 50kW DC rapid charger.*['jquery'], function ($) { var jQuery = $; });