Our Specialist SVO Centre

With a specialist SV centre, Guy Salmon Jaguar South West London is the destination for anyone looking to experience extreme luxury performance and capability of the unique SV models. Our SV teams have extensive product knowledge.


Want to test drive a Jaguar SV vehicle? Our SV Specialist Centre offer access to Jaguar SV masterpieces with vehicles onsite.


Thanks to their peerless product knowledge, our team of SV Sales Specialists are the perfect partners to help you craft your ultimate Jaguar vehicle.


SV vehicles are extra special, and therefore require specialist attention to match. Our SV Specialist Centres employ the highest qualified Jaguar technicians only.

SVR Vehicles

SVO offers halo models, limited run collectors’ editions and high specification vehicles. Every car showcases the best of Jaguar with stunning performance, unsurpassed luxury and cutting‑edge technology.


Meet Jaguar’s ultimate performance SUV, boasting a 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine and top speed of 176mph.


With an uprated 575PS engine, F TYPE SVR has been engineered for sheer power, exhilaration and an outright top speed of 200mph.


F-TYPE SVR's lightweight All Wheel Drive system with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) delivers the engine's power with efficiency and control.

Unique Vehicles

The most extreme performance Jaguar ever.

With 600PS from a 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine, Project 8 is the most powerful road legal Jaguar in history. Total production will be strictly limited to 300 cars worldwide, each one hand-assembled at the SVO Technical Centre in Warwickshire, England.

Choose between the two-seat Track Pack version and a road-biased four-seater – both exclusively available in left hand drive. Prototype versions have been running at proving grounds across Europe, the most famous of which is the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Project 8 has achieved the fastest lap ever for a Jaguar on the Nordschleife, faster than any other four door production-intent sedan in history and faster than many renowned supercars.

SVO creates the ultimate Jaguar vehicles: the fastest, and the most luxurious, incorporating the highest levels of technology. Our specialist engineers, designers and craftsmen enable our most discerning clients to indulge their passion for Jaguar. The result is always exclusive, desirable and collectible.

SV Premium Pallette

Enhance the individuality and appearance of your Jaguar.

The latest paint technologies, premium finishes and finest craftsmanship combine to produce the most distinctive vehicles.

The SV Premium Palette utilises the most advanced and innovative paint technologies available. Tri‑coat and quad-coat Ultra metallics are joined by stunning pearlescent paints which feature an additional layer of pigments to achieve dramatic depth of colour and iridescence, as well as durability.

Whether your taste is more in tune with vibrant Madagascar Orange or performance-inspired Spectral Racing Red, every colour from the SV Premium Palette promises to add an exciting new chapter to the story of your dream vehicle.

Many paints within the SV Premium Palette feature ChromaFlairTM. Multi-layer metal oxide pigment flakes give the vibrant colours a subtle shift when viewed at different angles and in different intensities of light. Spectral paints from our Special Effect range contain the highest levels of ChromaFlairTM for the most dramatic appearance.

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