PIVI and PIVI Pro Support

1. Activate Your InControl Account

To benefit from your Jaguar's connected services and subscriptions, you will need to set up your InControl account and register your vehicle. This happens on the Jaguar InControl website.

Your InControl Services will not be active until you have created an account and completed all of the below steps.

Click here to set up your account

2. Set Up Your Infotainment System

Follow the Start-Up Wizard

The Start-Up Wizard allows you to easily configure and setup your Infotainment system, including the pairing of phones and setting radio preferences.

If your vehicle is equipped with Pivi Pro1, on your first use of the vehicle, you will be able to create a profile linked to your InControl account, enabling a variety of additional connected services and applications.

Check connected services are activated

Once you have successfully completed InControl setup, your active services will be confirmed by email.

Next time you start up your vehicle, the lights on the SOS Emergency Call and Optimised Jaguar Assistance buttons should be illuminated.

3. Connect Your Apps and Devices

Connect Your Apps

From Pivi Pro’s app drawer, select the ‘Connect Accounts’ icon and search for the app you want to connect. You can either scan the QR code with your smartphone or select ‘Email Me’ to send a link of the login site to your email.

Once connected, you can immediately start using the service in your vehicle. Linked services will appear as an icon in the app drawer, as a media source in the media player or as an active calendar within the Agenda app.

Connect Your Smartphone

For Apple CarPlay®3, ensure you have the latest version of iOS installed and Siri ® enabled on your iPhone.

For Android AutoTM4, ensure you have the latest Android Auto app installed and Google voice assistant enabled on your Google device.

Connect your device to the interface panel in the centre console storage compartment using a certified USB cable.

Monitor your Jaguar’s health and status from your smartphone with the Remote App and your existing login credentials. If you have registered for Secure Tracker, you’ll need Remote App to receive theft alerts.

Please note, the Remote App features can only be used once you have activated your InControl account via the InControl website. The connecting/disconnecting of vehicles and linking of 3rd party accounts (such as Spotify) is not possible within the Remote App and must be done via the InControl website.

Download the Remote app for iOS

Download the Remote app for Android

4. Keeping Your Infotainment Up To Date

Software Updates

Using your Jaguar’s built-in data connection, the latest software can be downloaded automatically at no cost. Updates can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance at a time that is convenient for you.

Map Updates

With a valid Connected Navigation Subscription in place, maps will be downloaded and updated for you automatically. Should a manual update be required, please click the link below. Click here to find out more.

The iGuide

The iGuide App is a digital owners virtual guide and manual, making it easy and simple for you to find and understand key features and controls of your new Jaguar and InControl all via your mobile device, answering any questions in mind.

Get iGuide for iOS here

Get iGuide for Android here

Jaguar IGuide