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The ​Huracán EVO​ was developed to amplify your daily routine.

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The Huracán EVO is classed as the most successful V10 in the Lamborghini history.

With its already exciting features and performance, the Huracán EVO demonstrates a new solutions in terms of efficiency and design. The Lamborghini DNA is embedded within the vehicle, giving it that edge of standing out from the crowd and satisfying every desire of the driver.​

Exterior design
The Evo design represents a natural evolution over time without any radical changes to its iconic shape. With introduction of subtle elements such as sophisticated aerodynamic solutions while remaining truly faithful to its iconic Lamborghini design.
Front bumper:
its signature Y-shape stylistic elements

Skirt Air Ducts:
Reminiscent of the Murciélago

High mounted exhaust tailpipes:
recall the highest performing models of the Lamborghini range

Interior design
The cockpit features an 8.4” cutting-edge touchscreen system. Where with a tap of your fingertips you are able to control the car and its entertainment features. The Huracán EVO interior features the finest materials and authentic Italian design. All of which provide an on-board experience that is amplified to become unique and more refined.

The Huracán EVO was developed to amplify your daily routine.

For the ultimate driving experience contacting Lamborghini Birmingham on:0121 448 8156

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